Top Android Gadget for Certified Android Developers

One can learn the various stages of android development on the platform for android certifications.

There are two types of Android certifications available: one is for the software developers and other is for software apps. One lets the programmers gain knowledge of the software apps while the lets the developers develop apps for smart  phones.

Android is very popular and is the most used operating system in the world. We would give a deep look into the world of Android apps and the list provided by Prep nerds during their survey.

The Top android Gadgets for Certified Developers:

Paperless: It is a drawing app for the tablets that lets one draw with the help of brushes, pencil, water colors etc. The app adds depth to the images with an engine that is customized to let one set smoothing, opacity, size and thickness. The creations can be shared with Facebook and also be saved as a PNG file.

Fontly: This app praises the vintage art photography that is founded by Brendan Ciecko. It is a community for the admirers of typography. The users send the hand painted vintage photos, foil lettering, architectural, neon and snaps of sign. There is a community made for the typography lovers on Fontly interactive map.

Photoshop Touch: The Photoshop lovers finally got relieved when Photoshop was finally created for the mobiles devices. It is available via Creative Cloud, where one can easily carry on the work where they left off earlier. It is set with an amazing feature merged with a smooth interface. The feature is not exactly same as that in a desktop but it would be updated soon enough.

Paper Camera: The effects of Filter are not a new thing but Paper Camera takes a different approach towards those who have a fondness for Instagram. This app shows the effects in real time on the camera and some tidy effects are offered, like- sketch, half tone and cartoon. It is a worthy app that is more like a toy that one can play with.

TED: The conferences popular for sharing the views of the world’s most interesting people that are an inspiration for the rest. This android device lets one see them on the android devices.

Pattern: Looking for the outstanding pattern of wallpaper for your android device? Then Pattrn is an app that gives a huge access to the gallery of patterns for the lovers of colors community. The wallpapers can be set for different days of the week and also your favorites can be tracked. It is a free app that surprises it users with its varieties.

The New Year 2014 has lots of opportunities and competition as well. One being accepted in high paying industries depends solely on how professional and competitive one is. One needs master the special qualities they have within themselves. With Android’s certification that are related to work is highly acceptable in today’s ever-growing industries as after passing the certification exam one gets many recommendations from several companies to make them a highly certified professional.

Prepnerds prepare the professionals for the next gen app development on Android by providing easy preparation material for android certifications. These tools will help you to be more productive but yet another thing is missing which can help you to be more acceptable in higher freelance projects. Of-course that is being certified expert from the company itself.