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Vendor Google
Exam Code Associate-Cloud-Engineer
Full Exam Name Google Associate Cloud Engineer
Certification Name Google Cloud Certified
Technology Cloud Application Foundation

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Version: 8.0
Question: 1

Your team is developing a product catalog that allows end users to search and filter. The full catalog
of products consists of about 500 products. The team doesn’t have any experience with SQL, or
schema migrations, so they’re considering a NoSQL option.
Which database service would work best?

A. Cloud SQL
B. Cloud Memorystore
C. Bigtable
D. Cloud Datastore

Answer: D

Question: 2

Your development team has asked you to set up an external TCP load balancer with SSL offload.
Which load balancer should you use?

A. SSL proxy
B. HTTP load balancer
C. TCP proxy
D. HTTPS load balancer

Answer: A, D

Question: 3

Your company has hired a third-party analytics company to help find patterns in user dat
a. Your development team has generated a file containing only the data they’ve requested; which
includes personally identifiable information.
What is the best way to share the data with the other company?

A. Create a new user for the company and grant them access to the original data source for them to
B. Send the file through email.
C. Put the data on Cloud Storage and generate a signed URL that will expire in one hour, and securely
share the URL.
D. Put the data on Cloud Storage in a public bucket and securely share the URL.

Answer: B, C

Question: 4

You have an App Engine application serving as your front-end. It’s going to publish messages to
Pub/Sub. The Pub/Sub API hasn’t been enabled yet. What is the fastest way to enable the API?

A. Use a service account to auto-enable the API.
B. Enable the API in the Console.
C. Application’s in App Engine don’t require external APIs to be enabled.
D. The API will be enabled the first time the code attempts to access Pub/Sub.

Answer: B, D

Question: 5

You have an autoscaled managed instance group that is set to scale based on CPU utilization of 60%.
There are currently 3 instances in the instance group. You’re connected to one of the instances and
notice that the CPU usage is a 70%. However, the instance group isn’t starting up another instance.
What’s the most likely reason?

A. The autoscaler is disabled.
B. The autoscaler takes 60 seconds before creating a new instance.
C. The load balancer doesn’t recognize the instance as healthy.
D. The average CPU for the entire instance group is below 60%.

Answer: D

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